Sports News Online

Sports news online is the reporting of current events pertaining to sporting competitions. It is considered a sub-discipline of journalism and often features investigative reporting.

Whether it is the scandals surrounding doping in athletics, corruption in football and cricket or the huge sums of money involved in the staging of major sporting events, the sport is a magnet for some of the best writers in journalism. Writers such as Duncan Mackay and Steven Downes (both of the Guardian), the award winning writer at The Times, Paul Kimmage, who was based at The Daily Mirror, Hugh McIlvanney first at the Observer then later at the Sunday Times, Ian Wooldridge at the Daily Mail, soccer writer Brian Glanville at the Sunday Times and, more recently, Patrick Collins of the Mail on Sunday, have unravelled some of the biggest scandals in sporting history. Source เยี่ยมชมเว็บบาคาร่า อันดับ1 ที่

From Every Angle: Uncovering Sports News Online

The emergence of the Internet has dramatically changed the way Sports news is reported. It has made it possible for sports journalists and fans to self-publish their work online without needing to pay for a website. This has led to the creation of new forms of journalism such as blogs, websites and social media channels that can generate revenue for their creators through traffic based recompense.

A number of major sports websites exist, such as ESPN, Yahoo! Sports and Deadspin. Each provides a range of different content such as live scores, match reports and analysis, team and player profiles and statistics. In addition, there are many other blogs and websites that focus on specific sporting events or particular aspects of sports such as football, golf, cricket, tennis, F1, boxing etc.