Plate Loaded Equipment UK

Plate Loaded Equipment UK are a great solution for gyms that want to offer their members the ability to replicate free weight training. Using bumper plates on loadable weight poles, these machines allow for a wide range of strength building exercises to be performed without the need for spotters or additional space for free weights. They are particularly popular with PT studios and home gym users. They also provide a cost efficient way to utilise Olympic weight plates, as you can use them across multiple pieces of plate load equipment and your traditional barbells.

One of the main advantages of plate load equipment is its flexibility in terms of weight management compared to selectorized machines that have pre-selected weight selections. The open structure of plate loaded equipment allows you to add and remove more weight plates at different points of the movement, enabling you to create a custom resistance curve for your workouts.

Plate Loaded Equipment Maintenance: Tips for Keeping Your Machines in Top Shape

However, this flexibility can also mean that some beginners may over-do it and lift too much weight, putting themselves at risk of injury or even equipment damage. Both trainers and their members must understand the physical limits of a specific muscle group before proceeding with any strength training exercise.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect piece of plate loaded equipment to complement your gym or PT studio, we have a selection of high quality options from some of the best manufacturers. Our ‘Strike’ range, which is available exclusively through Gymwarehouse, is a great place to start. Each piece of kit is easy to use, maintenance friendly and offers minimal settings making them ideal for beginners and advanced bodybuilders alike.