Feminized Autoflower Seed Bank

Feminized Autoflower Seed Bank

Feminized autoflower seed banks are a good choice for growers who prefer to only cultivate female plants, as this means they’re getting 99% pure sinsemilla buds. This is why feminized seeds are the preferred option of most cannabis growers, but that doesn’t mean that a non-feminized strain cannot produce potent buds as well.

As the name suggests, feminized marijuana seeds are the result of breeding sativa and indica varieties with the Ruderalis plant species. This gives the seeds the ability to bloom independently of their light cycles. This is a big benefit for cannabis growers, as it allows them to stagger their indoor grows to harvest a strain every three to six weeks.

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However, the growth rate of feminized plants is a bit slower than that of photoperiod dependent strains. That’s why feminized cannabis is not the best option for beginners, but it can be an excellent alternative for growers who have limited space or are using the Sea of Green (SOG) growing method.

Nevertheless, the feminized seeds offer much bigger yields than their photoperiod counterparts, whether they’re grown indoors or outdoors. This is mostly due to the fact that feminized cannabis produces buds with a higher calyx-to-leaf ratio than regular strains.

Another advantage of feminized cannabis is that it’s possible to clone it. If you find a strain that you really love, simply cut a branch with plenty of trichomes and nurture it to form new roots. This is known as cloning, and it’s the perfect way to create your own homegrown stash of your favorite cultivar.