Mushroom Chocolate Canada

Mushroom chocolate is a new and delicious way to experience the mind-altering benefits of the magic mushrooms. These bars are easy to make at home and offer a range of health and wellness benefits, from increasing creativity to boosting immunity. Mushrooms paired with chocolate can also improve skin texture and promote gut health. There are a number of popular brands that offer mushroom chocolate in Canada, including TRE House and One Up. Read more

The popularity of mushroom chocolate bars has been spurred by the convergence of psychedelics and edibles. Unlike psychedelic gummies and truffles, which are often difficult to ingest, these bars are easier to take and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The entheogenic effects of the mushrooms are complemented by the rich flavor of the chocolate, which masks their taste and potency. While the novelty of mushroom chocolate has been a hit with many, it is important to consume this product responsibly and in moderation to minimize any potential side effects.

What Is a Mushroom Chocolate Bar?

Mushroom chocolate bars are typically made by stirring a powdered or tinctured form of psilocybin into meltable chocolate. The resulting mix is then poured into molds to shape the bars. The process is similar to making homemade chocolates, and the mushrooms can be added alongside any other desired flavors or ingredients. For example, the psilocybin in mushroom chocolate can be mixed with cinnamon, cayenne pepper, or vanilla extract to add additional flavor and psychoactive effects.