Best VO2 Max Watch

Considering that best vo2 max watch is a powerful fitness metric and can be a solid motivator for getting in better shape, it’s no surprise that many multisport GPS watches have been developed to measure this. However, the best vo2 max watch has to be able to do a lot more than just calculate your heart rate. It has to be able to track and compare your workout stats with other metrics like your pace, distance and time – and it should also be able to give you an estimated VO2 Max score that you can use to monitor your progress.

Breath by Breath: Unveiling the Best VO2 Max Monitoring Watches in 2024

In the video below, Dave tests the accuracy of a few different smartwatches that can estimate your VO2 Max. He uses a few personal details like your age, sex and weight along with a workout that includes GPS activity for steps and speed plus your heart rate. He then compares the estimates to a lab VO2 Max test and reveals which came closest.

Despite being a bit of a niche product, the Casio G-shock GBD-H1000 is a pretty good option for those looking for a multisport GPS watch with a VO2 Max estimate. It’s a hybrid device that combines smart features like message receipt and call notifications with fitness tracking capabilities, including the ability to log your sleep, health and exercise intensity. It comes with an impressive 130 sports tracked including swimming, bike and run, though its GPS pick-up and retention could be a little better. Nevertheless, it packs in plenty of other metrics that you’d expect to see on a premium Garmin running watch including a trail VO2 Max figure for runners who prefer the outdoors and a handy recovery and hydration mode.