How to Find Legal Experts Online

Legal consumers have many choices when looking for help online. They can use an attorney directory site like Avvo, which provides attorney ratings based on real client feedback. They can also turn to online legal services providers that offer a range of products from standard and living will preparation, mortgage applications, bankruptcy advice, and trademark registration to in-state small business assistance with hiring employees, managing payroll, and filing taxes.URL: legal services from

The Rise of Online Legal Consultations: How to Find and Hire the Right Expert

These legal service providers act as a one-stop-shop and can often provide you with expert answers to any question — provided the question is specific enough. However, some of these providers do limit their work to certain areas of law so make sure you check out each provider before signing up for a membership. For example, FindLaw can assist you with any personal legal matter, as well as with in-state small business matters such as creating airtight corporate legal documents, registering trademarks, and dealing with government compliance, among other things.

They can also provide you with legal documents, such as sample letters and forms to send to a collection agency or an employer. These types of tools are especially useful for individuals who may lack a connection with a local attorney or are intimidated by the legal system or their medical conditions. These users may also be too busy to schedule a meeting with an attorney and instead opt for an online platform where they can explain their case to multiple attorneys simultaneously and receive advice from several lawyers for free.