The Cannabis Market in Washington, DC, Is Legal But Not Yet Regulated

In the District of Columbia, cannabis dc is legal for possession and cultivation by adults 21 years or older in private residences. However, the federal government still bans sales of marijuana in DC. As a result, the capital’s cannabis market operates in a legally gray area. Several groups, including gift shops and unofficial vendors, are working to bring the industry into the light of legalization.

Why is weed so strong now?

In order to possess or grow marijuana in DC, one must first obtain a medical cannabis card. This is achieved through a verified portal and an assessment by a licensed provider. Then, a patient can buy medicine from the few dispensaries in the city.

These dispensaries sell cannabis in a variety of forms including concentrates and flowers for patients with a valid medical marijuana card. These preparations are often referred to as hash. Hashish is a highly concentrated form of cannabis that has much higher levels of THC than other types of cannabis products. People caught manufacturing, sharing, selling, or possessing hash in the DC region are subject to fines and arrest.

The DC Council held a hearing in November 2021 on a bill that would set up a regulated adult-use marijuana market. If it passes, the law would overhaul the current system by creating new licensing categories for manufacturers and couriers and setting aside half of all licenses for social equity applicants who have been disproportionately harmed by the criminalization of marijuana. However, changes in DC’s cannabis industry won’t happen overnight, as the bill is likely to face resistance from the mayor and Congress.